Wow! My Site Tune-up Is Showing Results

Alexa is a Web information company that tracks and ranks Web sites worldwide. On their homepage, you can enter a Web address and see where that site ranks in relation to millions of other sites.

When I began my site tune-up last month, my site was way down into the two million. Ignoring my site for several years had done a lot of damage and this low ranking was the result.

Over the last few weeks, I got to work revamping elements of my site. I didn’t think there would be any quick or radical effect, but when I checked my rank on Alexa today I was surprised to find that my site had rocketed up to the 1.3 million-spot. That’s an increase of well over a million positions.

This rank isn’t exactly newsworthy since it means there are over a million sites with more traffic or a higher ranking than mine. But it is noteworthy given that this represents an increase in rank of around 50 percent in a few short weeks. So if you have ever doubted whether optimization of your site was worthwhile, put your doubts to rest.

Oh, and now when you do a search for direct mail copywriter or direct marketing copywriter, which is the business I’m in, my site is no longer down on page six. I now show up at the top of page two. Not bad for a few weeks’ work.

Will this make any difference to my business? You betcha. Most people don’t look past the first couple of pages when they’re doing a search. I’m already getting calls from people who have never heard of me before but saw my site after doing a search.

Bizad Blog

During the last few weeks, Bjorn and I evangelized corporate blogging to Dr. Helen Chai, Assistant-Dean of Undergraduate Marketing and Admissions from Bizad.

We were pleasantly surprised with their response which can only be summed up in one word: Enthusiasm. It’s really heartening to experience pockets of such enthusiasm in Singapore. My impression of the progressiveness of Bizad has been further strengthened by this project.

They were absolutely willing to listen to our ideas and implemented it so fast. Check out the Bizad Blog here. Remember, it’s so simple right?

I think Dr. Helen’s a really great blogger, blogging at odd-times of the day/night even. I mean how many professors actually bother to spend time blogging on weekends and evenings? How many actually bother to come down to check out their students sing? Check out their student’s ventures?

I’m not sure if many people in Singapore would actually understand the impact of this project. As far as I know, I think this is a first among our three universities. The BBA blog is now on my daily must-reads.

It’s very interesting because it allows me to have a glimpse into the life of a Bizad student and their successes. I feel better connected with the people at Bizad too because I hear their voices and their opinions. Over time, I hope it will develop into a vibrant online community. Good luck Bizad!


Mike Arrington has just created a review for Sky-Click. If Skype was a disruptive technology in the consumer space, this idea that Sky-Click is aiming to penetrate into is a disruptive technology in the business space.

I like the way Sky-Click aims to reduce the cost of running a call-center and virtualize its operations. Many people who have posted on the comment thread on Techcrunch thing that it’s not an important technology, but I beg to differ.

Just reading Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” will give you some insight into the importance of such a technology. In his book, he talks about Southwest Airlines having stay-home moms in Utah doing flight reservations.

Sky-click provides a Web 2.0 solution to what Southwest probably spent millions trying to set-up. If the software works out the way it is supposed to be, I believe lots of eBay sellers and other online retailers would take up subscriptions. There’s a business need for such a solution and its cheap monthly subscription fee is a huge discount against any other call-center solution.