The Cycle Begins Again

Today is the last day of my four day weekend. Was I productive? Not in the least. I only did one “fun” thing, which was going to see an extremely horrible movie.. Max Payne.

The rest of the time I spent sleeping, on the computer or.. eating. How pathetic could my life get. I didn’t even attempt to study, or do homework. I should have read my book so I can do the project that’s due on the 24th.

I still have 150+ pages to go, a review to write and 3 sentence summaries on every single page. YES! Every single page. IB Teachers go a little over board. Reading is fun and all, but the writing part is what made me procrastinate.

Now I’m going to be rushing and staying up in the wee hours since I have practice every day the rest of the week, as well as today in just a few hours.

I will also be going back to school with my head hung low. Why? Well I didn’t get my hair cut. No, I’m not the type who cares what people thing, but for gosh sakes wearing a carpet on your head is unflattering.. is it not?

I’d like to see you strut around in skinny jeans, tight shirts and a carpet on your head. Yeah, that’s moi. I’m just not ready to go back. I was enjoying sleeping through the mornings and having to do absolutely nothing. (Well, I had things to do but…)

Now, I’m going to dread the long, drawn out 3rd period also know as French! That class is very boring and the students are so..annoying. They don’t even give the teacher a chance to teach.

They dislike me because I go home and review the book and I’m pretty fluent in French. Like why did you take that class if you weren’t going to commit to the learning? That’s what I don’t get.

Students complain about how they’re not learning anything and question why they did horribly on a test, yet they fail to realize that it’s them who are not even trying. My philosophy if at least one person understands something.. then something was done right. I really hope that makes sense. Ah, well.

I even put some time into my site a little bit. Look on right side bar. I updated enough, right? Plus today I updated the WEBICONS page that was added just a few days ago and I added a new poem to my writing section titled “This is When”. You should read it, it’s pretty deep if you know the meaning behind it. Read the rest of them while you’re at it.

Site wise.. traffic! That’s what I’ve been trying to get, and it’s not working. The little online counter says they’re like 11 people online sometimes yet none of them comment. *sigh* I mean, I know I don’t write interesting stuffs, but feedback would be nice.

I guess I’m going to work on more interesting topics and stories. If you view my ARCHIVES you’d see by clicking on the month over views that I used to get roughly 40 comments a day. Now I can’t even get 30 in 7 days. Ha, were my posts more interesting or something?

Maybe I need to go read some of those and see what kind of things I talked about. Blogging is fun, I just lack motivation these days. Maybe something will spark my mind to share with you soon.

Until then, it’s off to marching band practice for me, and off to school tomorrow.

I’ ; le ll écrivent plus tôt! (I’ll write more soon!)