Is a tune-up all you need for your site to rank better?

Depending on your competition and the construction of your Joomla website, a basic optimization (or “tune-up”) may be all you need to start ranking better in the search engines.

Not everyone has the resources to spend $1,000 a month for 2 years to get your website ranked well and producing leads as it should be.

If you are able to identify niches in your market that don’t come with overly competitive keywords, you can greatly improve your rankings with some sound on-site optimization and Webmaster work.

Most Joomla websites were not properly set-up by web designers, who often know little or nothing about SEO. Why should they? Unless otherwise agreed upon, you probably paid them to construct a website that performs certain actions or displays content and pictures.

You shouldn’t be surprised that they didn’t spend the time and effort to help you potentially rank better on Joomla 12 months later.  We commonly see websites with no sitemaps, improper page titles and page descriptions and no picture alt tags.

Easy Resizing of Your Pictures for Faster Page Loading

Quick blog posts to your website and social media are important to your site’s optimization and easy to do when set up correctly by your web developer.

Including pictures in those posts can really slow that process down and don’t forget mastering your Adwords account and understanding your placement reports. This has nothing to do with Moore’s Law or rocket science. You just need to do a few things and be aware and accurate.

Most cameras are set for large photos for those rare instances when we actually send them off to print. Changing camera settings is a pain and limits your ability to print them later.

Smaller pictures load to your page faster, an important consideration in the overall optimization of your website. What matters is not only the time people spend on your website but what they’re doing there.

Most Mac owners know the luxury of “Save a Version” in the File menu of your picture previewer, where a handy slide tool allows you to shrink a picture easily. Read also this interesting post on changing an offline brand to a powerful online brand.

For PC, it’s not so simple.

Here are 2 free picture resizing tools for the PC that will make your life easier if you upload pictures to your website or just want smaller pictures for email.

Uploading just a few photos?

Download Image Resizer for Windows by Codeplex. It gives you a “Resize Pictures” option when you right-click a picture. You can also select multiple pictures to resize more than one at a time. This will definitely help you reduce the number of wasted clicks in your Adwords campaign.

Batch Resizing?

If you’d like the ability to resize a large number of photos or entire folders of pictures, download the free Fotosizer. Happy resizing! This may not bring a status of incredible wealth to you, but it’ll get you on the right track towards success. Not all of us will be the new tech millionaires, although I doubt if they really deserve the millions they’ve made.