Guide to Best Performance

To establish strong CPA networks and succeed with affiliate marketing your business lives and dies by the actual affiliate offers that you are promoting.

If the products and services that your affiliate-paying website is pushing customers towards, fail to provoke spontaneous purchases then your CPA network if defeating its own purpose. has prepared a multi-part series of steps that any affiliate business should be partaking in to solidify their productivity and increase their bottom-line – profit.

Target Metrics

Don’t worry CPA networkers, this is not about to go from affiliate economics to a complicated report for math nerds. Target metrics, as they pertain to affiliate marketing, are simply systems or formulas you can utilize to project potential profits and earnings. The most common affiliate target metrics systems include:

Clickthrough Rate (CTR) traffic derived from participants of your affiliate site that click their way over to the affiliate offers you provide via banners or text links:

  • Conversion Rate (CR) the ratio of either clicks that become sales or clicks that become leads.
  • Earnings Per Clicks (EPC) this target metric process assesses the amount of money affiliate and CPA networks are being paid per number of clicks by a particular affiliate program.
  • Reversal Rate (RR) the percentage of reversed transactions that are referred by affiliates.

What ways to do you set your own affiliate marketing and CPA network financial goals?
To increase the likelihood of your CPA network being successful in the affiliate marketing world, it is absolutely crucial to have a dynamic landing page.

But let’s be clear – a landing page is definitely not just the home page of your affiliate paying website. A landing page is any particular website page that is designed with the sole purpose of prompting its guest to take a certain action.

The importance of making sure that your CPA network landing page converts incoming traffic into customers of the affiliate offer that you are promoting is the second part to this multi-part guide to affiliate offer performance.

Buy Now

The moment that potential customers enter your affiliate paying landing page they need to know exactly what they are there to do – purpose the product from the affiliate offer that you are promoting.

This may sound simple enough, but the key is to persuade them by making them understand why they need the product in the first place. Is it the great price? How about the superior quality? Hopefully, you have done your research to be able to back up all of your claims honestly.

Undivided Attention

How long does it take your eyes to shift away from a television commercial or an outdoor billboard? Well, that brief number of seconds is all you will have to grab the attention of your audience with your CPA network landing page.

Bright colors, funky fonts, and vivid pictures may be great ways to keep eyeballs captivated. But if they are inappropriate for the affiliate marketing product you are selling – they will send the customer elsewhere.

1 Link

The only end result that your affiliate paying landing page should have is to convince someone to purchase a product. Therefore, the only outbound link your affiliate site should have is the one leading directly to the product for sale.

To assume that you are the “best” CPA network in the entire affiliate marketing sector will be the beginning for your unfortunate end as a prosperous affiliate business. Even if you have narrowed your niche down from home decor to kitchen decor – there will still be plenty of successful competition.

This third part of the Guide to Affiliate Offer Performance shines a bright spotlight on the tools that will assist you in keeping up with your competitors – and winning some profit.

Size Up The Competition

Identify the keywords to your affiliate offer niche by utilizing the Google Keyword tool that will allow you to pinpoint keyword phrases with the highest level of competition. The Google Keyword tool will also enable you to sort out these appropriate affiliate offer keywords by their search volume and advertiser competition amount.

Your other friend in competing against other CPA networks within your affiliate offer niche will be a downloadable tool called  – Traffic Travis. After installing Traffic Travis, your affiliate business will benefit from being able to review the top 20 website results as well as receive a comprehensive analysis of each of these affiliate paying websites.

Now you will be fully equipped with some useful data to determine what your CPA network competitors are doing successfully and the affiliates offer keywords that their site has been optimized for.

How does your affiliate paying website business stay competitive?

To ensure that your CPA network avoids the direct track to going out of business, the preferred method of successful affiliate paying sites is to stay aware of the affiliate banner ad placements that financially perform the best. As obvious as this may sound, affiliate networks will have to do much more than simply peruse the latest CPA network reviews and affiliate marketing forums.

This fourth section of The Guide to Affiliate Offer Performance delves into the relationship between “verticals” and “ad placements” in garnering high affiliate offer performance for CPA networks.

What is Up With Verticals?

In the simplest terms, Vertical marketing involves merchandising and endorsement efforts that are aimed specifically at particular markets. This allows for the affiliate message being sent to have more clarity, reach the appropriate audience and to achieve better credibility.

But on the flip side, if a CPA network is not familiar with the verticals that they choose to focus on – failure is surely right around the corner.

Picking Placements

If you aim to be one of the affiliate networks that are in the business for the long haul, it is crucial that you constantly research new affiliate banner ad placement opportunities.

Try your vertical marketing strategies with a different assortment of banner advertisement placements to get a feel for which placements yield the highest performance for the offers you are promoting.

Understand why some ads work and why others do not. This accumulated knowledge will sharpen your instincts when assembling your next affiliate campaign.

What is the most valuable lesson your CPA network business has learned about ad placements?

Discovering the exact types of members that make the demographics for the niche market that your CPA network is targeting is integral to pursuing a direct track to the audience for the affiliate marketing offer that your CPA network business is promoting.

CPA networks can strategically increase affiliate offer performance if the proper research is done to discover who exactly an affiliate paying website is aiming to please.

Affiliate networks may be selling golf equipment, for example, but this could end up being a blind shot in the dark with no intelligent route to nail its target audience. But by knowing what genders, ethnicities, and age brackets frequent online golf stores most often, these individuals can become the focus of your affiliate paying site.

This fifth installment of The Guide To Affiliate Offer Performance provides CPA networks with an extremely useful tutorial video from that will get your affiliate network equipped with the tools for analyzing the appropriate keyword searches to identify your ideal demographic for your affiliate offer.

How do you target the key demographics for the market that your CPA network caters to?