About Us

One year blogging, and why I keep doing it (updated).

My journey and this blog turned five in March. I started this blog with two aims in mind: to spread an inspiring message to other start-up entrepreneurs and students and how to perhaps monetize the thing.

I only started reading blogs a bit over five years ago, and I immediately wanted to start my own. The idea of being part and build a community of like-minded people was too good not to do it. Trying an online business was also appealing to me. Now, the money part, hum, well, it just didn´t happen yet, and I don´t know if it ever will.

Even without the making money on sight (I´m not making any actual business plan, so can´t complain), I´m still into it. I discovered that a blog is a great tool for self-growth. All the ideas I put down to it, all the reflection about my parenting, it all makes me improve and spread my inspirational message at the same time.

I also want to be part of a bigger movement to change the world of education, which I believe is through treating children and students with way more respect then we have been doing. I´m learning this myself, and I like to write about it because it can encourage other parent´s to work on improving and changing their old ways as much as I try to do.

A regular journal could do the trick, the self-growth analysis. But I think some topics are important to discuss publicly, like how to stop bullying at schools, how to eradicate racism totally, in all forms and at all places, and stopping domestic violence. It still blows my mind that after all these years, we still haven’t managed to have a civilized society.