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What is the Value of Leadership In Education

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images-2Alan Keith of Genentech states that, “Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.”

One of the top criteria colleges across the country are looking for in future students is the leadership quality, you might noticed that so many schools use many different career quizzes to find out who can be a prospective leader.

An easy way to stand out in your college application is through examples of leadership. Not only will your leadership experiences enhance your activities, they will also provide you with content for your essays and possible scholarships.

It is easy enough to be a member, but true all-stars are leaders. When colleges are considering applicants’ activities, they are looking for leadership, dedication, in depth involvement, balance, and unique skills. There are many ways to be a leader. You don’t have to be the President or Captain to be a leader.

Consider the following example:

Applicant A

Red Cross Club – Member for four years: Attended all meetings, participated in ten major fundraising events, donated cookies and cakes to annual bake sale, volunteered at event to help hurricane victims.

Applicant B

Red Cross Club – President one year, Treasurer two years: Organized and promoted all meetings, planned and coordinated ten major fundraising events, set financial goals and managed money at annual bake sale, planned event to help hurricane victims.

Who Would You Choose?

These two students were in the same club. They participated in the same events. But, the leadership and hard work is clearly more evident from Applicant B.

Be A Leader!
Leadership experiences can come from being the elected leader of a club, team, group or class. For those students who don’t want to be in the spotlight, it is still easy to be a leader. Colleges care less about your title and more about your experiences.

You can approach leadership involvement in two ways. First, you can identify leadership roles or leadership-specific activities to get practical leadership experience. The second way is a bit more subtle.

It is possible to be a leader in everything you do. Think about the activities in which you are currently involved. If you play on a sports team, but are not the captain, consider planning a fundraiser. Or, teach a sport to kids at the local elementary school. No matter how you choose to approach leadership, get started now.

Sustainability Business Awards
We have come to the point that we realize that we really need a greener world, and sustainable business has been the primary concentration for anyone mindful of our global environment and the well-being of generations to come on our planet. Those sustainable businesses practice their activities in a environmentally responsible way, and focus on People, Planet and Profit.

They tend to be acknowledged in big trade periodicals or newspapers, particularly if their procedures are revolutionary when it involves sustainability. You can find numerous sustainable business awards, and listed below are a few well known awards by top-notch institutions.

Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability
Every year, the Lemelson Foundation awards various prizes to inventors in the U.S. The most significant of these awards is the Lemelson-MIT Award which is given by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The award is the biggest cash prize for inventions in America , and the winner of the award will get $500,000.

Duke Green Dining Awards
Since 2010, Duke University’s Sustainable Living program students have yearly decided on winning restaurants that pay attention to sustainability and the reduction of waste. Winners will receive the Duke Green Dining Award. Students talk with managers of all campus eateries on their performance regarding environmentally responsible food operations.

Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Awards
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) has given the Governor’s Awards since 1987 to organizations in the state of Illinois which have established a dedication to sustainability and environmental superiority as a result of exceptional and revolutionary sustainability procedures.

Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy
The Ashden Awards encourage regional renewable energy alternatives in portions of Europe and in developing regions in the world via the annual Ashden Awards. The Ashden Awards are granted to institutions and companies that provide sustainable energy strategies in a local, social – economic and environmental responsible way. The awards are made available in various categories, and to support the winners, every award comes with a cash prize.

These are just a few of the available awards and they honor companies and organizations that are transforming the technological know-how in the world, and are leading institutions in improving the environment for a better and more sustainable future. Awards such as these are very competitive and many companies that apply sustainability could not be acknowledged for their initiatives.

This may well have nothing to do with the superior quality of their efforts, but rather with their (lack of) business PR. You won’t be able to receive awards if you won’t communicate your work and don’t stand out in you field by reputation.

Sustainable Business PR is working to guarantee that your company will receive the global recognition it deserves. Many companies and organizations will be skeptical about the effects of using the services of an external Sustainable Business PR company.

They might think this is an expensive exercise and that the results may not be encouraging, but the initiatives of a Sustainable Business PR agency can certainly have enormous beneficial results on your business. Additionally, you can find particular Sustainable Business PR strategies you can carry out yourself to improve your visibility. Try the following approaches:

Show up at business meetings and conferences
The most effective way to enhance your sustainability activities is by learning from others. By listening to various other sustainable business tactics and talking about your own suggestions and activities, your organization or company will certainly promote itself in the world of sustainable business.

Apply for awards
Every application is a chance to promote your business or organization. Even when you are not winning an award, at every application you still will have an opportunity to explain to other people what exactly your Sustainable Practices consist of.

Talk to the media
Exactly this is where Sustainable Business PR agencies may prove to be effective. Sustainable Business PR experts usually have good connections with journalists and newspaper publishers. They are specialists, and if you already have attempted this path without any success, it could be high time to consider a professional Sustainable Business PR agency.