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Shh…..It’s too quiet around here

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You might have noticed the last week or so has been pretty quiet around here.  That’s a good and a bad thing all wrapped aaeaaqaaaaaaaatiaaaajdu3ndayymu0lwjknzmtngu5mc1iyzk4ltqwogrlythmytg2ygtogether.  Good because I’m busy working on client projects and a few cool things of my own, bad because I’ve neglected my writing and not sharing anything interesting or cool lately.

This post is going to be kept short, but I have a few announcements to make.

This Friday, I’m going to be joining my friend, Sheri Kaye-Hoff as one of her guest experts speaking about Your Business, Your Life.

So many of use start our own businesses so we can have more time with the family, do something we love and leave all of crap back in the corporate world.  Sometimes though it’s hard to leave that stuff behind and we see it quickly creeping in our own personal business.

I know it happened to me, but the exciting thing is my business has transformed once I took a good look at what I was doing and I quickly discovered that I had lost my authentic true self.  Now, my business is all about what you see is what you get!  I do what I love, drop the stuff I didn’t like doing and I am happier for it!

So join Sheri and I at the Your Path to Success Telesummit, I’m speaking this Friday November 5th.  You can learn about it here.

My other exciting bit of news is I am in the process of launching a brand new service.  It’s called the Marketing Guide Network and my mission is to bring no non-sense marketing to solo professionals.  Each month you’ll get great reports and guides that will make it easy to implement or rework how you are currently marketing your business.

If you are a member of my Report of the Month Club you’ll be receiving an update on Friday about what you can expect and how to sign up.  As well for anyone joining Sheri and I on my call on Friday you’ll find about the special charter membership I’ll be offering exclusively for listeners and members of my Report of the Month Club, so be sure to check in on that!

The other day I announced my commitment to training for an ultra this spring, my rationale, my concerns, and the like – today I’m going to let you in on the chicken scratch that is the rough draft of said training plan.

The above is a print out of a sample ultra training plan for a totally unrelated 50k from The Pulse Running and Fitness Shop. I liked it because I could adapt it, because it didn’t say “this is what you need to do on this day,” which rarely ever works out because life and frickin’ weather.

I chose to be extremely conservative on the miles for the first few months so I could focus more on strength training and also avoid the trails to some extent during the better part of hunting season. Then the mileage starts inching up, strength training weans down, then holy shit, I’m running lots and lots of miles a woohoo! It’s ultra time. 6 months is nothing. I still have books on my nightstand that are 6 months old and I haven’t finished. But on a grander scheme of things…

6 months is everything.

6 Months Ago I Started Running.
6 Months Ago, I had yet to go more than 2 miles without walking.
6 Months Ago, I would have never thought I’d be chasing down a 50k.
6 Months Ago, I was in a totally different world mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Let’s hope things stay on the upswing for the next 6 months!
So yeah, this jazz really actually starts happening on Sunday. The first two weeks are a little bumpy as I decided to squeeze in a last minute half marathon to cap off my chaotic racing season, but from there on out it should be pretty smooth sailing. Which brings me to another important point:

Check out my report “Discover Why You Need to Do Keyword Research”