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More money = What & Who ever you want in life?

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images-4Recently I volunteered and noticed how people who struggle with money respect that person with fat pockets. Money seems to make the world go round, and everyone wants as much of it as possible. Everyone desires to be successful and have the finer things in life.

More money = What & Who ever you want in life.

People like Bill Gates and Donald Trump make you believe anything’s possible. These extraordinary men have built empires over time through their continuous hard work. Penny by penny they built their bank accounts. You better believe it didn’t happen overnight.

No success happens overnight, because it takes time. In that time you have to build penny by penny, brick by brick until you have something you can be proud to call yours.

No Step Is Too Small

Everyday hustling takes a true soldier. There are many days that don’t go right. Work might cause you to come home with a headache. Whatever the case may be it’s hard to always make the best out of your days. Every day that goes by you cannot get it back, so you must do all you can in the small time frame you have.

Any step in the right direction is always better than no step at all. Granted the biggest steps are the way to go, but that’s being unrealistic. If you planned to read a chapter before you go to sleep try at least start reading it. When you get ready to keep reading you’ll be a little closer to having the first chapter finished.

Make a goal to save 100 pennies find one every day and in roughly three months your goal will be accomplished. Never think any step is too small to take.

Anything Is Better Than Nothing

Saving money and building your bank account is harder said than done. As a child I always thought it would be a piece of cake for some reason. Getting money has never been a problem for me. Since a young age I have been on my hustle, and more money has been on my mind.

Ever since moving out on my own, paying my own bills, and learning how to survive I now know how hard it is to build your bank account. It’s not hard to get money, but it’s hard to keep money with bills, unexpected problems, wants and desires.

This is why my mindset has changed to anything is better than nothing. If I saw a penny on the ground I’d pass it up without thinking twice, but now I’ll be the first to pick one up.

That might not be much, but it all adds up in the end. It might be that one cent that keeps your lights on, or gives me paper to write on, or even a new video game to play on. Money is money whether it’s a quarter or a penny.

No Shame In Your Game

Yesterday I picked a penny off the ground in front of a woman and she looked at me like I was crazy. I wouldn’t bend down and pick up a penny is what’s probably going through her head. It’s crazy, but people are too ashamed to pick up pennies. It’s small change so it’s not worth the time to some people.

Be smart about your future and don’t follow the crowd. If you see a penny on the ground you don’t pick up it’s for one of two reasons. Your just a lazy bum, or you don’t want to be seen picking up a penny in front of your cool friends.

Leave all those pennies for us who are not too ashamed to collect up. People complain that they never get anything free, but what’s your meaning of free?

A penny is more than what you had from the start.

Use everything you can get to better you’re positioning. That penny could add up to a hundred pennies, and then you have a tasty double cheeseburger! Stay true to yourself. If you see small change, and you want to collect up don’t hesitate.

Be About Your Money, Any Money

Money comes in a multitude of ways, but many are too blind to see it. When you see money coming all you can see it in is big amounts at a time. You’re too blind to see the value in taking advantage of any money.

No matter the amount it’s still extra money you didn’t have in your pockets before. Every single day I find extra money sitting around even if it’s a penny. You better believe I pocket every single last bit of it.

It’s all the same thing whether it’s five cents or five dollars, because everything adds up. You have to be about your money to build your bank account. The people that are too cocky to see value in any money are usually the ones who need it most.

Never be above money that comes in small amounts. Be about any all money that comes your way. There is going to come a time when you need it. Don’t be scared of doing what you desire, because someone’s watching you. Remember you will be the one five cents richer at the end of the day.


Today I found two more pennies on the ground, and you better believe I was in a rush to pick them up. That’s not much money, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that your building on the money you already have.

People who think they’re too good for pennies are usually the same ones who need them most. If you have been broke without a penny to your name you take value in anything that helps. There have been days where we all have thought a penny was of worth.

The sad thing is that for many the mindset changes and it’s only for the worst. Whether it’s two pennies, two dollars, or two hundreds I will be more than happy to take what I can get. Think of a plant, start small and let it grow.

Community Discussion

If you’re truthful with yourself do you pass free money you see laying around, because it’s not of high value? Are you that person that smiles every time you see a free penny just like me?

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