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Interesting Marketing Ideas

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446c3621c2c901506466c444489a8baaSo as I am on my way to ship my trucker hat off, I began to think of some other creative ways to drive traffic to my blog. Personally I get tired of seeing the same old methods for driving traffic and marketing.

Successful people tend to take the path less traveled on their journeys and usually bring something new to the table with their methods. That is what I will attempt to do here.

I have checked out what the web has to offer marketing wise and decided to make my own list.Obviously I did not read every page for internet marketing, but I have read enough to see what information is over-used and what has some sort of originality to them.

When making this list, I simply asked myself what items would be the best to get a message across and what would be the best method of delivery for this message.

So I began to categorize different objects that come in contact with millions of people daily and those that did not.


Money is one thing that is sure to transfer hands many times a day. People write their names on cash all the time as some sort of a game to see if it returns to them someday. So why not throw your URL at the top of a dollar bill. I am not sure if this illegal or not so as a disclaimer (I am not liable any trouble or punishment that maybe received from this method).

Just think about it though, if you can get enough bills circulating around with your URL then you are sure to drive a sizeable amount of traffic to your site. It may not be “target” traffic, but it is traffic none the less.


For those that have pets (small dogs preferably) have you ever considered stylizing them with clothing with your brand and URL on it. Nothing draws more eyes in public than small children and pets, let alone pets wearing t-shirts that say TGTmoney.com on it. I said small dogs above but it could really go with any animal.

The stranger and larger the animal the more lasting of an impression will be left in the peoples mind. I had a pet chicken last year that I bought a small dog harness for to take for a walk on campus. I imagine that would have been sure to get some looks, especially wearing a URL.


If you would have your pets become a walking billboard, I think it would be pretty unfair if you weren’t willing to do the same. So taking a note from “Trucker Hat Tuesdays”, wearing hats and t-shirts around town, airports, campus, etc would greatly help make your website or company more visible.


No I am not talking about buying ad space (although it would not hurt anything). I am talking about the FREE advertising the newspaper has to offer. I did not realize how many people write messages at the top/bottom of newspapers for the next person to read until I came to school. I have seen call-outs for meetings, groups, and parties here so why not use it to advertise ourselves.

It doesn’t take much, just write your URL on every newspaper you come across during the day. People leave these all over at places such as restaurant tables, bathrooms, park benches, buses, etc. There are literally newspapers all over the place so it should not be any trouble finding them.