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How to Excel at a Job Interview?

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download-2When appearing for an interview, you must pay careful attention to a few points. First of all, you must understand why the interviewer will decide on choosing you over the rest of the candidates.

There are a few reasons that you can consider here:

  • Your knowledge
  • Your education
  • Your experience
  • Your background
  • Your aptitude, character and personality

While the first four points may sound quite important, the most important point, according to many HR’s, is the last point. Your character and personality plays one of the most important roles here, which decides how compatible you are going to be with the position.

Therefore, some of the most important factors to consider while appearing for an interview are:

  • Your communication skills
  • Your dressing style and your appearance
  • Confidence levels
  • Stress management
  • Honesty and integrity

So if you are planning to appear for an interview, make sure you pay attention to the above points. Be there around ten minutes before time, professionally dressed, and make sure you carry all the information that you are going to need!

Getting an interview call is a great opportunity for you while search for a job. The right eligibility with experience is not the only essential element of getting the job. In today’s competitive world we need something extra to stand out of the clutter.

Creating a remarkable impact within few seconds sound difficult but it can be done if you have the right blend of mental and physical aspect.

The most essential element to face interview is to have the confidence. The best way to face interview is to learn from your previous mistakes.

What to say and what not to say in an interview


Be a good listener It is necessary to listen properly to the interviewer before you answer. There is a lot of difference between hearing and listening. We should be attentive to avoid asking for repeating the question.

When to speak plan when to speak. Interrupting the interviewer is a bad option. Waiting for the right opportunity is necessary. Do not speak to little. Try to hold the interest of the interviewer by providing information around a story.

Providing information Giving the right and correct information is necessary. Say what is being asked avoid irrelevant information. Don’t expose your past flaws and weaknesses.

Dealing with the salary its better not to deal with the salary in the interview. Salary can be negotiable ones you get the job.

Steps to avoid common mistakes in the interview


Avoid being late arrive late in the interview will create a bad impression on it. It shows your lack of professionalism and seriousness.

Be prepared you should know the background and history of the company .Prepare the answer for the commonly asked questions.

Dress properly Wearing a wrinkled shirt with unpolished shoes creates a bad impact. Wear a proper ironed formal outfit to look professional.

Proper Body language too much hand movement distract concentration. Keeping eye contract holds the interviewers mistake. Check this awesome video about power poses.

Following these few tips will increase the chances to getting the job. So be confident and face it.