Education, a Poor Man’s Best Weapon to Success

For a very poor man who cannot enjoy the luxury of life and who thirsts for something new, something different, the life that he doesn’t experience yet – education could be his best weapon to quench his hunger for a good life. Like many education experts say: ‘education liberates man,’ anybody who has acquired a college diploma has big chances of changing his life.

Although a good education does not guarantee a good life in the future, at least you have the edge to get to high paying jobs and opportunities if you are a holder of a college diploma. Why do I say all this? Because majority also of those who became millionaires did not even finish college – some are high school drop-outs while others are only in primary education.

But if you finish a four-year degree course at least you will not find it difficult to look for job opportunities. That is why many of the people around the world are employees because they all finish certain degree courses. In the corporate world, those who graduated from college have big chances of getting hired because they are what big companies are looking for.

Those who have no college diplomas are forced to get odd jobs like selling newspapers, buy and sell business appliances, or do all sorts of jobs that need skills. In this way, they can still work as utility workers, messenger couriers, or janitors and they get low pay.

Education is expensive but very important to all. Those who cannot afford it may end up living miserable lives. But for those who have GUTS (Genuine Urge To Succeed), regardless how expensive education is and how poor they are, technological developments in education make that they would still manage to hurdle the tuition fees just to have a child or two graduate from college and eventually help the other elder siblings follow too.

In third-world countries, there is the so-called education problem. Many of the people are not educated, and because of this scenario, many too are starving and could not even eat three times a week. Because they are ignorant for lack of enough education, they tend to forget that for a poor man to succeed, education must be his good weapon to solve his dilemma for a better life as well as the whole family. Read also this post about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

In industrialized countries, education is already at its highest level. Institutions for learning are becoming superficial and modernize because of new technologies, which may leave the question whether all those tech-millionaires deserve their fortunes… Online education is even a common sight in many universities as compared to third world countries. Even the illiterate adults in progressive countries are given chances of going back to school because of online education. They are no longer afraid that because they are old enough, there is no more time to acquire a college diploma.

To summarize it all, there is no rich nor poor in acquiring education. It will depend on how determined you are in achieving your goals in life. There are those rich but they did not finish their education, and there are those poor individuals, who capitalize on their being poor to obtain the education they dream of having.