Is a tune-up all you need for your site to rank better?

Depending on your competition and the construction of your Joomla website, a basic optimization (or “tune-up”) may be all you need to start ranking better in the search engines.

Not everyone has the resources to spend $1,000 a month for 2 years to get your website ranked well and producing leads as it should be.

If you are able to identify niches in your market that don’t come with overly competitive keywords, you can greatly improve your rankings with some sound on-site optimization and Webmaster work.

Most Joomla websites were not properly set-up by web designers, who often know little or nothing about SEO. Why should they? Unless otherwise agreed upon, you probably paid them to construct a website that performs certain actions or displays content and pictures.

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You want to generate leads with your AdWords Campaign

Whenever you run a local advertising campaign, you should actually set up two campaigns. The first should be a national campaign and target keywords that all contain names of cities, towns, and places that are within your catchment area. Well, if you want to generate leads with your AdWords Campaign, you need to learn how to reduce the number of wasted clicks in your AdWords campaign.

Your second campaign should be restricted to showing ads to your local catchment area and use the same keywords as in your first campaign, but without the place names. For this campaign, your ads should have a reference within them to the area within which you serve.

These two campaigns will work together for you to capture the widest possible range of potential clients that may be interested in your business.

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My E-Book is Finished and Available Online

At last I have finally got my e-book “How To Create A Video Using Microsoft PowerPoint” uploaded to my site,  it has been proofed modified and reproofed.

My great thanks go to Stephen Bray for his expert assistance and suggestions to improve the book along with his proofing abilities,

I know it would not have been as good without his help. Fortunately Stephen helped me so no marketeer could ruin my efforts.

The e-book has ended up at 53 pages and is going to be free to everyone, all I ask is that you leave me a comment below as to what you think of the book.  These may be used in future publicity for the e-book.

If you want a copy fill in the opt-in box, at the top of the right column, with your name and email address and you will get it within minutes, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is as the site is available 24/7.

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Time Spent on your Website is not always an Indication for Success

I was reading an interesting old Wall Street Journal the other day on “stickiness” by Thomas Weber. Immediately, I saw in print what I’ve been thinking for years: It’s not how long you can keep a user on your site, it’s how well (or easily or pleasantly or enjoyably) you allow a user to perform a desired task.

Weber makes the point succinctly when he writes, “Sticky was stupid.” He explains that the industry’s push for stickiness has been in direct opposition to users’ needs. Stickiness, he writes, “tempts people to view a business through the lens of steering customers to do something rather than giving them what they want.” Which is exactly right.

The long-held notion of stickiness is that the longer any given user stays on your site, the better. This longer stay helps in collecting ad dollars, boosting sales, and upping the number of tasks performed on the site.

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Corporate Training – What Decides about Success

You may need to find training programs for new or existing employees. Understanding the way the company works, how the policies and procedures affect employees, how the enhancement of knowledge leads to enhancement in productivity are some of the objectives of such training programs. so let’s take a closer look at Corporate Training and what decides about success.

How do you ensure the success of such corporate training solutions? Here are the important factors that could help achieve success.

  • Identifying learning objectives is the first requisite for such a program to succeed. You also need to make sure that the training objective complements the goals of your organization; otherwise, it would be just a waste of resources.
  • Using training as an element of learning is essential. Incorporating corporate ideologies and ethics and implementing these at the workplace is a thing of continuous practice. While lectures are necessary, these should not be the only methods in use.
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What the Most HATED Cell Phone Company in America Can Teach You About Building Your Online Business

That’s right, Sprint. One of the most hated cellular carriers in America can teach you a shitload about building your online business.

Now I’ll tell you up front that I’ve worked for Sprint for years, but that has nothing to do with what they can teach you.

I’ll also tell you up front that I have Verizon as my personal carrier. Again, nothing to do with helping you, just a little full disclosure. Now, first things first.

Why is Sprint so seemingly hated by customers? I have no idea. Their plans are the best, their coverage is great and they have some of the most innovative phones available. But none of those things are the secrets to growing your business.


Over-delivering. The old saying is to under promise and over deliver and Sprint does that in every way. Their plans offer more features for less money than comparable Verizon or AT&T plans.

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The Cycle Begins Again

Today is the last day of my four day weekend. Was I productive? Not in the least. I only did one “fun” thing, which was going to see an extremely horrible movie.. Max Payne.

The rest of the time I spent sleeping, on the computer or.. eating. How pathetic could my life get. I didn’t even attempt to study, or do homework. I should have read my book so I can do the project that’s due on the 24th.

I still have 150+ pages to go, a review to write and 3 sentence summaries on every single page. YES! Every single page. IB Teachers go a little over board. Reading is fun and all, but the writing part is what made me procrastinate.

Now I’m going to be rushing and staying up in the wee hours since I have practice every day the rest of the week, as well as today in just a few hours.

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College Freshman Orientation – What to expect

My little brother ( who is looking like a giraffe) and I just got back from my orientation, so I’m a little fresh about this. I keep him company to make sure he stayed motivated.  So now going to college for an orientation program was a huge thing for both of us. If you’re debating whether or not to attend it, you definitely should as it’s a great source of any information that you need. So let’s look a little better at College Freshman Orientation and what to expect.

Every school’s freshman orientation program is different, but here are some things to expect:

  1. A long speech. The school will likely give an introductory speech from some esteemed member of the staff.
  2. Information about requirements. You’ll probably be given information about general ed and/or major requirements to help you pick your classes.
  3. Dorm information. My freshman orientation didn’t do this (and I wish it had), but your school might show you in a few of the dorms and talk about them. Some orientation programs have you stay the night in the dorm to get a feel for it.
  4. Stuff for parents. The school is going to try to persuade your parents that their money is well-spent and that you’re going to be safe. If the orientation program keeps you there with your parents, be ready for a long talk about the school’s boasting points and the like.
  5. Tour of the campus. Another thing I didn’t have, but I know some schools do. They might take you around and show you more of the school. You might find out more about what the cafeterias are like, you might find out where the library is, and so forth. The school wants to start introducing you to where you’re going to be living.

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Wow! My Site Tune-up Is Showing Results

Alexa is a Web information company that tracks and ranks Web sites worldwide. On their homepage, you can enter a Web address and see where that site ranks in relation to millions of other sites.

When I began my site tune-up last month, my site was way down into the two million. Ignoring my site for several years had done a lot of damage and this low ranking was the result.

Over the last few weeks, I got to work revamping elements of my site. I didn’t think there would be any quick or radical effect, but when I checked my rank on Alexa today I was surprised to find that my site had rocketed up to the 1.3 million-spot. That’s an increase of well over a million positions.

This rank isn’t exactly newsworthy since it means there are over a million sites with more traffic or a higher ranking than mine. But it is noteworthy given that this represents an increase in rank of around 50 percent in a few short weeks. So if you have ever doubted whether optimization of your site was worthwhile, put your doubts to rest.

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14 Reasons You’re Living On The Financial Edge

Together we’ve examined ways to know that you’re on the edge of a financial cliff.

Whether living paycheck to paycheck, knowing that just one more payment would be the final straw or having nothing in a savings account or emergency fund, moving back away from the edge begins with knowing how close you really are.

But what are the things or situations that pull people to the edge of a financial cliff in the first place?

Pull? Don’t you mean PUSH? No, you read that right. If something pushes you, it probably wasn’t in your control. I’m thinking of medical bills, an extended job layoff, or some other true emergency. In these cases, even a well-funded emergency fund can be quickly depleted.

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