And I planned the day so perfectly well…

What’s Your Why?

Oh, what a day I had planned. I was especially organized going into today, and that combined with the high level of energy I seemed to be blessed with this morning, I knew I would be checking a few biggies off my list.

The kids were dropped off at school and as I took my first step back into the house, the phone was ringing. It was the school. “Uh, hi Mom?

I forgot my pencil-case at home, and I really need it because we have art, and I have specific markers in there I like to use.” Seriously?? Could he not share with a friend for today? Was it really necessary for me to drive a pencil-case all the way back to the school?

I had so much planned, and this wasn’t a great start to my uber-productive day! As I searched every possible location that ‘said pencil case’ could have been left the night before, I became more frustrated and unimpressed.

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Marketers Ruin Everything – Book Review

I said it. It never seems to fail though. The internet comes up with some cool thing that could change the world and help us all further humanity. Then the marketers find it and ruin it. It happened with Twitter, remember? Well, let’s see how Marketers Ruin Everything – Book Review.

Twitter was cool and hip and a great way to connect with new people. Until marketers realized that many virgin eyeballs could spell big bucks. Suddenly Twitter was overrun with spammers and rendered about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

Normally I’d have titled this post “Spammers Ruin Everything,” but I realized today that it’s not just the bad apples that spoil the internet. Sometimes it’s just the regular apples.

Case and point is today’s post from John Chow in which he talks about Sweeva (think Adwords meets StumbleUpon). It was while reading his post that I realized how cool an idea Sweeva could be.

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Digital Nomads Blog – Who are they?

Have you ever before asked yourself how some folks can manage to live a life full of beautiful travels? How can they handle to make sufficient money to live that kind of lives? So when we look at a digital nomads blog – Who are they?

If so, you could be curious about discovering much more about the ‘electronic wanderer’ way of life. An electronic wanderer is a person who makes a living using the energy of the web and a computer.

That’s it. These two devices are the only functioning methods a person really needs in order to create earnings they could live of.

Exactly how do electronic wanderers make money?

The answer is in an array of various methods. A few of these nomads function as consultants performing numerous jobs like digital photography, creating things online, and blogging.

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Which of the following reflects Moore’s Law? How accurate is Moore’s Law?

You’ve probably heard of Moore’s Law, which states that transistor count on microprocessors will double every two years or so. So let’s dig a little deeper into which of the following reflects Moore’s Law? How accurate is Moore’s Law?

What you may not know is that the storage capacity of magnetic hard drives leaves Moore’s Law in the dust: Many types of hard drives have been doubling in capacity every year for the last three years.

According to scientists at leading research institutes like the NEC facility near Princeton, N.J., you ain’t seen nothing yet. New materials and techniques being developed at the lab could greatly expand data-storage capacity, leading to PC hard drives and memory sticks that could store as many as 2000 feature-length films on a single disk or stick in just a few years, and in fact, it’s already happening.

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There are reasons why MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are so popular. The price tag of university and college studies in the USA has seriously inflated over the past three decades, to be precise by 1210 percent. So let’s take a closer look ar MOOC Java.

Of course, this is not due to inflation, and by now, the American student debt is higher than $1 trillion. The best response to this specific situation? MOOC!

The expression MOOC was first formulated only a few years ago, in 2008, so this playing field is most certainly an extremely young arena, but it is good to observe that this line of business itself is controlled by organizations developed by the best professors and serious experts in their industry.

To give you an example, Sebastian Thrun is a Stanford lecturer, Vice President at Google, part of the team that created the autonomous car, and a founder of Udacity, one of the substantial competitors in the MOOC sector today.

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Social Media Marketing Jobs – 5 Negative Tactics

Social media, with little effort and a good strategy, allows millions of business owners and bloggers to keep your their online presence relevant. This page addresses Social Media Marketing Jobs and five Negative Tactics.

People love social media and spend a lot of their time on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just take a listen to this great 2013 Columbia Business School video where lots of aspects are explained:

Social media is a great way to market and push your brand or products to consumers. Engaging your followers is an essential step for businesses who want to see quick growth and increase their sales.

Many companies already connect with their customers on social media, but are these relationships building a temporary customer or a lifelong customer?

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What wins more business, New customer acquisition or Customer Retention?

Guerrilla marketing campaign that worked

Three suspicious URLs began a viral journey across America’s computer screens a few years back. Passed around in email, the links lead to what appear to be the half-baked homepages of some peculiar fellows.

At one site a long-haired race-car driver named Curry struts in red leather pants and offers seduction tips. Another site features a glimpse into the life of Super Greg, a wannabe DJ with one long eyebrow and a skintight tracksuit. Stranger still is a site featuring Roy, a deranged, beefy guy in caveman garb, waving nunchaku.

Who would have guessed these weird sites are part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for Lee Dungarees? “We thought they were real,” admits Michele Slack, a former analyst with Jupiter Research.

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Guide to Best Performance

To establish strong CPA networks and succeed with affiliate marketing your business lives and dies by the actual affiliate offers that you are promoting.

If the products and services that your affiliate-paying website is pushing customers towards, fail to provoke spontaneous purchases then your CPA network if defeating its own purpose. has prepared a multi-part series of steps that any affiliate business should be partaking in to solidify their productivity and increase their bottom-line – profit.

Target Metrics

Don’t worry CPA networkers, this is not about to go from affiliate economics to a complicated report for math nerds. Target metrics, as they pertain to affiliate marketing, are simply systems or formulas you can utilize to project potential profits and earnings. The most common affiliate target metrics systems include:

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AdWords Bid Management – Inside Secrets

So, you’ve added all your keywords, written some fantastic ads and linked each to relevant landing pages that are guaranteed to sell your business. It’s now time to decide on your AdWords bid management strategy.

You’re on a tight budget (let’s face it who isn’t) and your profit margins are small. The minimum bid for most of your keywords is 10 cents so let’s start there and work up – right?


The Right AdWords Bid Management Strategy

A bid management strategy that starts with low bids on all your keywords will typically mean your ad position will also be low. This will translate into a low click-through-rate (CTR) for your ads and CTR is one of the most important factors in determining your Quality Score (QS). The lower your CTR, the lower your QS, the more you pay in bids.

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MBA Study – How much do you need to borrow?

Attending college is already a pricey experience, but students who choose to continue studying and go to business school are confronted with even more financial expenses. So if you want to take on an MBA Study – How much do you need to borrow?

Very often, the process of finding the cash for business school calls for checking out student loans, financial savings, scholarship grants, and general financial preparation.

Our suggestions and tools may support you in navigating your way through the process of how to cover for the expenses for your MBA degree. There are many online MBA programs that are relatively affordable, but you still need to pay your bills.

You really need to weigh expected earnings increases against prospective financial debt to find out if going to business school is the right ticket for you.

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