And I planned the day so perfectly well…

What’s Your Why?

Oh, what a day I had planned. I was especially organized going into today, and that combined with the high level of energy I seemed to be blessed with this morning, I knew I would be checking a few biggies off my list.

The kids were dropped off at school and as I took my first step back into the house, the phone was ringing. It was the school. “Uh, hi Mom?

I forgot my pencil-case at home, and I really need it because we have art, and I have specific markers in there I like to use.” Seriously?? Could he not share with a friend for today? Was it really necessary for me to drive a pencil-case all the way back to the school?

I had so much planned, and this wasn’t a great start to my uber-productive day! As I searched every possible location that ‘said pencil case’ could have been left the night before, I became more frustrated and unimpressed.

After almost ten minutes, and still no pencil-case, I made one up with a few random markers and pencils, and headed back to the school. On the way, I had an ‘aha moment.’ I was thinking about how to approach my son for the few moments we would see each other for the pencil-case drop-off.

I wanted to lecture him about responsibility, and keeping track of one’s belongings, but then I thought it would be a much more enjoyable way to start both our days if I delivered it with a smile and a hug.

Then it all came together, like an epiphany – this was why I decided to start my virtual assistant business in the first place!

This was MY WHY. When I think about what the last few years were like, running from dusk to dawn, dealing with some nasty negative Social Media Marketing campaigns, with never enough time in the day to really relax and enjoy my children, I can distinctly remember making the decision that enough was enough.

I wanted to be my own boss doing work I enjoy and set my own hours, so I could be more available to my family. I wanted to be able to attend special awards ceremonies at school, volunteer in their classrooms, and join them on field trips.

I wanted more flexibility in my day so I could get have taken care of all the household tasks, which would bear the gift of more time at the end of the day to just be with them and enjoy them. And that while I transferred my business from off-line activities to a powerful online brand.

Supercharged with my revamped attitude, I went to his class to deliver the goods. The class was elsewhere in the school, so I handed the pencil-case to his teacher instead. I didn’t even get to smile and hug my sweet boy and show him the greatness of our new life where Mom isn’t rushed and frustrated all the time.

Just changing the focus of my day to my WHY, changed the direction of it entirely. My to-do list is still there, and I highly doubt I will check as many things off as I had planned, though I’m doing pretty well with my AdWords efforts.

The new direction this little hiccup sent me on, however, was starting my blog. I have avoided it for months, diagnosed myself with writer’s block, and said I would get to it someday. I came home from the school for the second time today and just started writing.

The result is this post, which I think is a fitting topic for my first one. And to boot, I managed to check a major item off the bottom of my list which had been weighing on my mind for some time. I’m having a wonderful day, even though it isn’t going at all as I had planned.

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to determine YOUR WHY. Just knowing what it is, will help you experience more joy in your journey, and help you realize your business successes!