Recognizing and Pursuing the Ideas That God Has Placed Within You At some point in our lives, we have all had what we would call an “ah-ha” moment…where an idea suddenly springs into our head, or we figure out a new way to complete a task. Many times we dismiss these ideas and do nothing. We may feel that it’s impossible or not at all feasible. In some cases, however, these “ah-ha” moments are actually given by the Holy Spirit. Many people pray for God to prosper them, and sometimes these creative ideas are actually visions how God intends to do so!

When we have an idea, how can we be sure it is from God?  One thing that you can do is pray for discernment.  Discernment , or good judgement, will help you separate the will of God for your life, from …

What is the Value of Leadership In Education

Alan Keith of Genentech states that, “Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.”

One of the top criteria colleges across the country are looking for in future students is the leadership quality, you might noticed that so many schools use many different career quizzes to find out who can be a prospective leader. An easy way to stand out in your college application is through examples of leadership. Not only will your leadership experiences enhance your activities, they will also provide you with content for your essays and possible scholarships.

It is easy enough to be a member, but true all-stars are leaders. When colleges are considering applicants’ activities, they are looking for leadership, dedication, in depth involvement, balance, and unique skills. There are many ways to be a leader. You don’t have to be the President or Captain …

What is the 75% principle of success?

The key to success in financial planning and budgeting is the 75% principle. What is the 75% principle to success?


In his book The Midas Method, Stuart G. Goldsmith puts forward 4 steps to success:

  • Know what you want
  • Believe that you are worth it
  • Believe that you can achieve it
  • Go out and get it

When asked why they are unable to obtain success most people say that the last step is the most difficult.

Actually the truth is that, knowing what you want and believing that you can achieve it make up 75% of the reason people are successful.

Knowing where you are going is crucial and to do that you need a plan. One thing I will never do is say what you goals or plan should be when running a home Internet business. Only you can decide …

Bridging the Gap

I’m hoping that this will be the first of many posts on why I think blogging is great, especially for mothers.

The first thing that I’ve found is that it creates a bridge between working mothers and stay at home mothers that is not present in “real life.” The blogosphere allows for women to share experiences that they do not necessarily have a place to share.

By a place, I mean an actual physical location. The week days are filled with connections and experiences for both groups of mothers but their respective lives don’t intersect with each other enough to allow for the two groups to share these with each other. The space between them restricts the ability of many women to connect to their counterparts across the isle.

Interesting Marketing Ideas

446c3621c2c901506466c444489a8baaSo as I am on my way to ship my trucker hat off, I began to think of some other creative ways to drive traffic to my blog. Personally I get tired of seeing the same old methods for driving traffic and marketing. Successful people tend to take the path less traveled on their journeys and usually bring something new to the table with their methods. That is what I will attempt to do here. I have checked out what the web has to offer marketing wise and decided to make my own list.Obviously I did not read every page for internet marketing, but I have read enough to see what information is over-used and what has some sort of originality to them.
When making this list, I simply asked myself what items would be the best to get a message across and what would be the …

Fastest Growing Jobs

What jobs will be the best in the next 10 years? Which occupations are worth your time and money? These are the questions you should ask if you are choosing a college education or want to switch careers. A recently published U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report indicates which occupations have the best outlooks and are growing fastest, and which ones will disappear soon. Here is a handy infographic for you that indicates the 10 fastest growing jobs.


According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare industry jobs are anticipated to have the fastest employment growth. Education matters, and 6 of the 10 fastest growing occupations require at least some sort of post-secondary education for entry-level positions. Throughout the nation you can find free High School Equivalency programs (GED is now one of three available tests) and if you click on the link you can find online …

Leading With Presence

Presence puts you in the moment and allows you to deal with what’s going on at the current time. You have control over how you are experiencing the situation, and you are not stuck day-dreaming about the past or future. When you are present in thought and actions, others will see that you are with them and where they are, not off in outer space. Part of having a strong leadership vision is knowing the past, present, and the future of what you are doing. However, living too much in the future, or basing your decisions solely off past experience, can be devastating to your leadership.

Stuck In A Different World When we let the past dictate our actions and behavior, or we constantly think of past mistakes or events that challenged us, we lose our sense of presence. Many times people get stuck in the past when …

ac2e6d5aaab7a3cdb2171f54f25371e9Recently I volunteered and noticed how people who struggle with money respect that person with fat pockets. Money seems to make the world go round, and everyone wants as much of it as possible. Everyone desires to be successful and have the finer things in life.

More money = What & Who ever you want in life.

People like Bill Gates and Donald Trump make you believe anything’s possible. These extraordinary men have built empires over time through their continuous hard work. Penny by penny they built their bank accounts. You better believe it didn’t happen overnight. No success happens overnight, because it takes time. In that time you have to build penny by penny, brick by brick until you have something you can be proud to call yours.

No Step Is Too Small

Everyday hustling takes a true soldier. There are many days that don’t go …

A freshman boy in high school named Kyle was carrying his books home from school. To the rest of the kids, he looked like a complete nerd. So a couple of boys in his grade came along and blasted the books out of his hands, and shoved him down in the grass. His glasses went flying. Another young man was walking home and witnessed the attack. When the bullies left, he helped Kyle pick up his books. Kyle thanked the young man for his kindness. So the young man invited Kyle over to play football with his friends that weekend. The next Monday, the young man helped Kyle carry half of his books home. Throughout high school, the two became great friends. By their senior year, Kyle was Valedictorian of the class and well liked by the students. When Kyle gave his graduation speech, he said that …

When people think of responsibility and accountability, images of business suits and gloomy adult life come to the surface. We’re responsible to go to work, pay bills, take out the trash, clean the dishes, sweep the floors, and walk the dog. The word “responsibility” has been anchored to represent blame, as in “I’m holding YOU responsible for this!” However, there’s a positive kind of responsibility and a negative kind of responsibility.

The Two Responsibilities On one hand, we have that negative kind of responsibility, the kind that nobody wants: Failure. Example: Little Jimmy was running through the house and knocked over the china cabinet. Unfortunately, Jimmy is responsible for this mishap. On the other hand, we have the positive, uplifting kind of responsibility, the kind that people desire more than anything. Example: John donated $5,000 to the local food bank this year. John is directly …