Challenges For Entrepreneurs

The biggest secret to success for an entrepreneur is in standing firm to all the challenges that he or she may face. Unlike an employee, an entrepreneur has to deal with everything that comes at him.

I make this comparison because the employee’s role is well defined and will rarely deviate from it. An entrepreneur has to look into everything, from production to accounting to hiring to selling.

Check out also this TEDxBergen (Norway) video in which Max Gouchan talks about challenges for young entrepreneurs. Max has the capacity to explain challenges in a straightforward, simple way as you will see:

Max Gouchan believes that entrepreneurs can get to success and that getting the best possible education is not necessarily always required. After Max dropped out of his Norwegian high school, he started an oil industry supply company.


Reasons You Fail to Make the Grades you Desire

Are you the type of person who starts every semester with that little promise to yourself – “I’m going to make this my best semester ever!” Do you start the semester strong, get lazy during the middle then cram when it comes time for finals?

Maybe you’re the type of person who feels like they do everything right but just can’t seem to make the grades they desire.

If you can relate to any of the above questions then this article is for you. Most students start the semester strong because they have a fresh slate to work with.

Then, as the semester drags on, apathy kicks in and students lose sight of their goals. In this article, I want to address the 5 main reasons students fail to make the grades they desire. I hope these points help you see where you might be going wrong.


Funny Pickup Lines

If only getting a date could be this direct!

There are thousands of funny pick up lines. Thousands of them! How do you choose the best ones? I don’t know, but feel free to use any of the ones from this list below.

I know this hasn’t much to do with education or start-ups but the holiday season is here and maybe it’s time to go out a bit and relax after a tough semester at college or a tough time at your new start-up endeavor so here we go. You may also want to see this video with the “Most Embarrassing” pickup lines:

(Warning & Disclaimer: Use these pickup lines at your own risk. Results may vary and may include physical harm or put your life in jeopardy if used in the wrong place or in the wrong context with the wrong person. Always consult a professional pickup artist before attempting to use pickup lines!)

My Favorite Funny pickup lines:


Education, a Poor Man’s Best Weapon to Success

For a very poor man who cannot enjoy the luxury of life and who thirsts for something new, something different, the life that he doesn’t experience yet – education could be his best weapon to quench his hunger for a good life.

Like many education experts say: ‘education liberates man,’ anybody who has acquired a college diploma has big chances of changing his life.

Although a good education does not guarantee a good life in the future, at least you have the edge to get to high paying jobs and opportunities if you are a holder of a college diploma. Why do I say all this?

Because the majority also of those who became millionaires did not even finish college – some are high school drop-outs while others are only in primary education.

But if you finish a four-year degree course at least you will not find it difficult to look for job opportunities. That is why many of the people around the world are employees because they all finish certain degree courses. In the corporate world, those who graduated from college have big chances of getting hired because they are what big companies are looking for.


Do Tech Millionaires Deserve Their Fortunes?

“Merit really is such a very funny word.” Eric Schmidt, former CEO of software companies Google and Novell sais so. He continues: “I am not so sure if I understand entirely what that means.”

Schmidt, ex-chief technical development at Sun Microsystems (where he was involved in developing the Java computer language) is a bespectacled, gawky guy who is widely recognized as among the most trusted, thoughtful, and brilliant executives around in the high-tech world.

We’re having lunch at Atlanta’s Ritz-Carlton hotel and Schmidt says: “Did somebody say life is fair?” Schmidt says to me. “Who’s saying that we always get what we’re deserving? I did not start out to become rich or make any money at all. I just did my job and I really liked it. The money part showed up only afterward.


Why Don’t Teachers Use Technology?!

It’s time to vent, rant, and rave! I just don’t get it and maybe I never will. Why is it that so many teachers are opposed to using any sort of technology in relation to their teaching and running of the classroom? There are many examples of good education websites that promote self-learning yet teachers don’t always see the value of it.

I recently talked with Emily, a test developer for a website named Best GED Classes that has many online lessons and practice tests that students can use to get all set for the U.S. and Canadian High School Equivalency Test.

She asked how to make teachers aware of this website. Because they have a lot of practice tests and lessons, this seems to be a perfect combination in combination with offline GED teaching. Yet she has problems with reaching out to teachers.


Here Are Some Mindset Shifts To Help You Get Moving

Sometimes you just have to start. You can think, strategize, and plan what you are going to do, and how you are going to do it, not realizing how much time goes by.

When you look in the mirror and realize you are blue in the face (eek!) and still haven’t done anything (yikes!), its time to just start.

The folks at Nike nailed it decades ago: “Just Do It.” So don’t worry about the “how” so much, just pick something and go. Trust that the task will evolve as you move through it. It will unfold as it should. Here are 7 mindset shifts that can help you get going in the right direction:

1. Problems are opportunities – Focus your challenges on opportunities to learn. I know it sounds cheesy, but it works! My little brother failed the GED Essay, then he found the BestGEDclasses website and learn not only how to write an essay, but also how to pass all 4 GED Test subjects.
2. Creating value is most important – Find out what you do that your audience/customer/client values most, and do more of THAT. Be wary of trying to be everything for everyone.


How to transfer an offline brand to a powerful online brand

Political pundits point to the 1960 televised Nixon-Kennedy debates as one of the deciding factors in Nixon’s eventual loss. Why? Because Nixon, accustomed to radio, took his appearance for granted, appearing unshaven and haggard under the unforgiving TV lights.

Many traditional companies have been making the same kind of oversight in their attempts to bring their offline brands to the strange new online world.

The Web-like TV before it was forcing new methods of brand building, customer loyalty acquisition, and trust earning, and it has been challenging and interesting to see how companies extended themselves online. Consider the following factors when thinking of electronic brand, loyalty, and trust.


And I planned the day so perfectly well…

What’s Your Why?

Oh, what a day I had planned. I was especially organized going into today, and that combined with the high level of energy I seemed to be blessed with this morning, I knew I would be checking a few biggies off my list.

The kids were dropped off at school and as I took my first step back into the house, the phone was ringing. It was the school. “Uh, hi Mom?

I forgot my pencil-case at home, and I really need it because we have art, and I have specific markers in there I like to use.” Seriously?? Could he not share with a friend for today? Was it really necessary for me to drive a pencil-case all the way back to the school?

I had so much planned, and this wasn’t a great start to my uber-productive day! As I searched every possible location that ‘said pencil case’ could have been left the night before, I became more frustrated and unimpressed.


Marketers Ruin Everything- Book Review

I said it. It never seems to fail though. The internet comes up with some cool thing that could change the world and help us all further humanity. Then the marketers find it and ruin it. It happened with Twitter, remember?

Twitter was cool and hip and a great way to connect with new people. Until marketers realized that many virgin eyeballs could spell big bucks. Suddenly Twitter was overrun with spammers and rendered about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

Normally I’d have titled this post “Spammers Ruin Everything,” but I realized today that it’s not just the bad apples that spoil the internet. Sometimes it’s just the regular apples.

Case and point is today’s post from John Chow in which he talks about Sweeva (think Adwords meets StumbleUpon). It was while reading his post that I realized how cool an idea Sweeva could be.